Our activities

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Project Manager

Our NR Conseil design office works on all types of construction and architecture , supporting the client in all stages of his project.
The definition of your project, the design (BIM solution), the studies, the realization and the acceptance of the works, all this in the respect of the planning, the budget and the regulations.The realization of engineering and infrastructure works being complex and requiring the intervention of specialized engineers, as Project manager, we ensure the complete management of the site by providing an economical and environmental technical solution.

  • For everyday buildings , housing, tertiary, logistics, transport and industry works.
  • For the servicing of public or common spaces of residential or activity areas where the redevelopment of public spaces.

We highlight our skills as prime contractors through various missions:

  • Diagnosis (DIA)
  • Preliminary studies (EP)
  • Pre-project studies (AVP)
  • Project study (PRO)
  • Assistance provided to the contracting authority for the awarding of works contracts (ACT)
  • Execution Studies (EXE)
  • Visa for execution studies
  • Directorate of Performance of Works Contracts (DET)
  • Ordinance, coordination, site management (OPC)


  • Assistance provided to the owner during reception operations and during the period of perfect completion (AOR);
  • Feasibility;
  • Technical design;
  • Site management;
  • Technical coordination;
  • Coordination of Studies;
  • Financial management.
  • Technical audit and “Technical Due Diligence”

Asbestos Removal Project Management

Regardless of the scope of the work, the size of the building. NR Conseil assists the client, thus enabling him to manage the project and ensure complete elimination of asbestos.

With the 0902 Project management in asbestos removal qualifications, we are able to advise you and provide you with complete management of your asbestos project.

Project management assistance

Construction requirements require rigorous upgrading and require specific skills specific to the work, which is why our role is to ensure the proper conduct of the project by providing technical assistance during from the design phase to during the execution of the works.Through an audit, we establish the definition of user needs , allowing us to establish the most optimized solution while anticipating risks and minimizing them.
We then support our clients in defining their needs and support them in the change, helping them to achieve precise specifications so that it can be transmitted serenely to all stakeholders in the project.
Giving essential information to the client on the technical and functional aspect of operations , we also pay great attention in the cost control and the deadline for each project.

Qualified 0103 Technical AMO , and working in building engineering and urban infrastructure for more than 25 years, we are able to adapt to all kinds of projects our specificity is to offer efficient support adapted to your needs.

Piloting and coordination scheduling


Planning is essential in the realization of your project, for that the planning must live and be followed throughout the project. It must prioritize the allocation of human and financial resources in order to carry out the actions in time required.

Communication around the project

As an indispensable part of the project, we establish and implement tools that allow us to collect important information. This helps all stakeholders to have the same vision of the project and to prevent risks to better anticipate them.

  • Study of the different tasks to be performed
  • Analysis of rights-of-way and associated constraints
  • Study of the human and financial resources necessary for the realization of the project
  • Estimation of the precise duration of all stages of your engineering project
  • Management and analysis of potential risks
  • Definition of the sequence of site tasks to be carried out
  • Production of an operational document detailing all the stages
  • Project planning and monitoring
  • Closure of the project