Generalist engineering

For more than 25 years, NR Conseil has developed harmoniously as an engineering design office serving its customers on strong themes: Programming, Design and Realization.

Assured missions

Whether in general project management, EOM deconstruction and asbestos removal, project management assistance or OPC, we accompany you from the programming and sketching phase to the reception of works.

Areas of intervention

Whether for a housing project, logistics, urban development, deconstruction, transportation, public equipment, parking, you benefit from technical solutions to your needs, made by engineers who are experts in architecture urban.

National mobility

NR Conseil keeps track of its customers and their operations throughout France

Building and Infrastructure Engineering

NR Conseil is a consulting firm with proven experience in the design and engineering of buildings and urban infrastructure.

Trusted by its clients and recognized for its engineering excellence in infrastructure development, NR Conseil provides all the services needed to run a project, from its feasibility to the reception. Works.Aware of our responsibility in the development of the territory, we implement technical solutions focused on innovation, and know-how building designer and VRD infrastructure allowing us to lead large-scale projects meeting environmental requirements.


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