NR Architecture

Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape

After a professional career in architectural agencies and in engineering and consulting companies. Myriam GANOT graduated from the National School of Architecture of Versailles, founded the NR Architecture agency in 2011.

The agency has the culture of architect, is involved in all of its projects from design to completion, it operates in an open way, favoring dialogue and discussion around the project, and collaborates with NR Consulting. The two structures pool premises and resources, thus creating a working dynamic capable of leading a relevant reflection at all scales of the project.

Prioritizing listening and dialogue with the Client, the agency likes to be a force for proposal and forge links. Far from demonstrations and architectural and constructive utopias, its projects seek to develop pragmatic, quality solutions at a cost that is always under control.

To offer a lasting architecture, exemplary in its design, construction and future operation, the agency is part of a quality sustainable development approach and uses the BIM model in all its new projects.