Project Management Assistance

As an AMO expert, we implement proactive solutions to support building owners in the execution of complex works in buildings and urban infrastructures.

The requirements of the construction require rigorous standards and require specific skills and specific to the work, that’s why our role is to ensure the proper conduct of the project by providing technical assistance during the design phase as during the realization of the work. By an audit we establish the definition of the needs of the users, allowing us to establish the most optimized solution while anticipating the risks and by minimizing them. Then we support our customers in the definition of their needs and accompany them in the change, helping them to achieve precise specifications so that it can be transmitted serenely to all the actors of the project. Providing essential information to the client on the technical and functional aspect of the operations, we let’s also pay a lot of attention in controlling the costs and the time of each project.

Qualified 0103 Technical AMO, and practicing in the engineering of the building and urban infrastructures for more than 25 years, we are in the capacity to adapt to all kinds of projects whose specificity is to propose a support adapted to your needs.

Our building assistance project management activity

Applying our services as Project Management Assistant is the assurance of timely project follow-up, from the design phase to the handing over of keys by a team capable of conducting a process effective and adapted internal decision-making.