As a design office specialized in building and external works, NR Conseil provides a wide range of essential services required by design and project management from feasibility to the final acceptance of the building.

Professionally recognised for our service quality (one of the brand image of its founders) and its skills regarding building and infrastructures design, as well as its knowledge in managing complex projects, NR Conseil is particularly valued by the owner projects and clients who are willing to enhance reliability in their decision makings right from the upstream steps.
The projects that we develop are mainly complex and atypical projects: we enjoy developing this kind of project.

In the Retailing field, we develop a wide range of qualities: responsiveness, anticipation, reliability regarding completion time and cost compliance.
Housing construction is a field requiring a high level of skills: our knowledge of new regulations and other engineering skills let us play a major part during the design phase.

Complex projects located in town centres including some superposition of functions such as housing, offices, retailing, car parks… enable us to fully use our technical design skills.

Thanks to our skills concerning urban engineering techniques, we take part in creating city environments in close collaboration with town planners, architects, landscape designers and lighting designers.

Created in 1993, NR Conseil has steadily developed since.

Fully OPQIBI certified and member of “Syntec – Engineering”, our company operates all over France.